UK Airport Has Been Turned Into World’s Largest Truck Parking Lot Due To Covid-19

Due to the spread of the new, more dangerous, more contagious, and mutated Covid-19 variant in the United Kingdom, France closed its borders to the UK. This landed 2850 trucks at the English Channel port of Dover, the BBC reported.

Due to these changes of events, the unwelcome drivers were stranded at the port. The unwelcome drivers were all forced to park at the Manston Airport, which created a huge truck stop there. However, since then, there have been negotiations between the two States, and both agreed to open borders for emergency purposes only. The drivers, however, have to take the Covid-19 test.

The test result should come negative, and the test must’ve been taken between 3 to 4 days before crossing. As the BBC reported, the protocols on how to be tested and positive are still being decided by the UK government.

The borders being opened for emergency purposes doesn’t guarantee a rush free Manston Airport as it won’t be clearing anytime soon. This could lead to empty shelves in stores.

As reported by the BBC, Andrew Opie, the British Retail Consortium director of food and sustainability, told House of Commons’ Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee:” What members have told us is that unless those trucks can start traveling again and go back to Spain and Portugal and other parts of Europe, we will have problems with fresh produce from 27 December.”

An explicit warning: Despite the crazy change of events, the BBC also reported that UK secretary Grant Sharps had informed drivers not to enter or travel from Kent.

“I am pleased that we have made this important progress with our French counterparts this evening. This protocol will see the French border reopen to those traveling for urgent reasons, provided they have a certified negative Covid test,” said Shapps.
Mr. Shapps further added, “ “We continue to urge haulers not to travel to Kent until further notice as we work to alleviate congestion at ports.”

With every difficulty, there’s always easy as in the meantime; the driver stuck are exhibiting the Christmas spirit by sharing and giving food to their fellow drivers. Sometimes the worst of circumstances brings the best out of us, as we heard at the airport.

This is how it looks like at the world’s largest truck showroom. The footage of Airlift lives is attached below.

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