All Flights To UK Banned After Latest Covid-19 Mutant Strain Classified 70% More Infectious

It is being determined that the new, more infectious strain of COVID-19 in Holland has been transmitted from England and based on this information, Dutch authorities have announced the banning of flights from the United Kingdom.

The new strain circulates in the UK, indicating it spreads faster and is harder to detect as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson explained the newly discovered COVID-19 strain.

Fortunately, the vaccine will work on it as well, and it is not deadlier than the original one; however, it is approximately 70% more infectious.

RIVM, the Dutch public health body, has recommended limiting/ controlling passenger movement from the UK to contain the spread. The current precautionary ban on flights announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte will last till January 1st, 2021, while the Dutch authorities study the new strain’s spread.

The ministry has also announced that EU member states are considering ways to minimize the UK’s spread of strain.

A person walks at Fiumicino airport following the Italian government declared all flights to and from the UK would be postponed over fears of a new coronavirus strain.

Belgium and Germany are placing a ban on flights and trains from England, whereas Germany is considering a ban on South African flights.

The UK is placing a Tier 4 lockdown in London and southeast England, and Christmas will not be celebrated as planned earlier.

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