Udacity Now Offers An Online Degree In Flying Cars


Udacity is an online learning program that offers nano degrees. These programs are taught by world-class experts in a wide range of in-demand technical fields. Udacity was founded by Sebastian Thrun, the CEO of Kitty Hawk, a company that is also in the race to build a flying vehicle.

Thrun has a passion for technology is one of the driving forces behind the innovation in the field of driverless cars as well as robotics. Thrun is convinced that the age of flying cars is not so far off into the future as we are led to believe and is closer than we can imagine.

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To this end, he has started a nano degree program in flying and autonomous cars. This is aimed towards the curious and tech-savvy minds to prepare them for the era of flying cars. The degree is a challenging one those who are accepted into the program will be taught by “instructors who are leaders in this transformational field”.

The program description states that “You’ll master controls, planning, and more. In an increasingly congested world, flying cars look to the skies to provide smart transportation solutions that benefit us all.” It is designed to make sure you master the autonomous flight software engineering skills by the time you are finished.

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Thrun is one of the instructors of the program himself and is convinced that the age of flying cars is very near as a number of companies in the world are taking steps towards completing their own flying vehicles. He believes that this is the only solution to the congested ground space.

If you wish to register for this course, you need to do it now as the deadline to register is February 7. However, not everyone can apply for this program. There is a list of pre-requisites that you need to fulfil to be eligible to apply. These include substantial experience programming experience in any language and an intermediate level of programming in Python. In addition to that, you need to understand basic calculus. You can check out the complete list on their page.

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