Arsenal Football Club Becomes The First Team To Sign Cryptocurrency Partnership

Even though cryptocurrencies have seen a dip in their prices, people around the world are still interested in buying them and their popularity is still high. CashBet is a US-based cryptocurrency gaming company and they have just signed a sponsorship deal with the football club Arsenal.

CashBet has not been slowed down by the falling prices and the fact that some people are regulating cryptocurrencies while some countries have outright banned them. They continued with their partnership with Arsenal and even though the details of the deal have not been made public, the amount is said to be in millions.

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

This is the first time a global sports team has partnered with a cryptocurrency company. About the partnership, Arsenal’s CCO said, “We are pleased to welcome CashBet Coin as our partner. We are looking forward to working with CashBet Coin as they launch their new cryptocurrency.”

CashBet is based in California and sells software to aid gaming companies in accepting bets using cryptocurrencies. The team at CashBet said, “[Cashbet].. is a profitable, mobile-first iGaming platform for real money, social, and skill-based gaming. Using our vertically-integrated platform, CashBet provides player segmentation, player management, bonusing, campaign management, eWallet and geo-verification features to enhance or enable a profitable operation from day one.”

(Source: Interesting Engineering)

The company’s vision is “actively targeting a global, multibillion-dollar marketplace of i-gaming content providers, operators, and players.” This partnership with Arsenal is perfectly in line with that and will allow the company to advertise at the Emirates stadium promoting the company’s ICO.

The coins start at 50 cents to encourage investors to get the coins but with so many people discouraging investments in cryptocurrencies of any kind, they will surely feel the effects but there is nothing we can say about the unpredictable prices of the cryptocurrencies and who knows, maybe their prices might soar once again.

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