U.S Air Force Remains Silent On Mystery Plane Spotting Over California

A picture has gone viral on the internet; most believe the spotted mystery aircraft probably is the Northrop Grumman’s secretive build, the RQ-180 spy drone.

Actor Rob Kolinsky, a photographer too by profession, happened to post the aircraft’s picture on his Instagram account last month. The picture was uploaded on @sundownerstudios, his Instagram account. Later, it was removed. This clearly means some influence was applied to the matter. But how could something of this sort be kept hidden from the world? The picture was uploaded again, but this time, on Twitter.

Is this an RQ-180 spy drone?

It has been a year since these high altitude reconnaissance drones were made operational in the U.S Air force fleet. However, the picture of it in action high in the sky went viral around this time.

About the picture, most say the aircraft was flying in a racetrack pattern at an altitude of approximately 20,000 ft.

Not much is known about the secret RQ-180 drone aircraft. However, what is known matches much with the spotted aircraft. It consisted of a large-span flying wing and two closely paired twin turbofan engines assessed by the contrail.

Rob Kolinsky, the actor, and photographer who posted the picture of the mysterious aircraft, initially said this thing flew over his head in the skies as he saw this a couple of weeks ago.

The ‘Great White Bat’

Kolinsky also stated that the aircraft shape matches a B-21; however, it was painted white. For now, it’s a conflict where many are believing it to be RQ-180 drone aircraft too. More odds are that it’s the white bat RQ-180 as Aviation Week points out the white paint factor as a significant one.

Kolinsky stated that he didn’t plan on posting the picture at first. However, the thought if it really were classified, it wouldn’t be flying in the bright daylight made him do so.

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