Tesla To Build Another Massive 300 MegaWatts Battery In Australia After Success Of The First One

South Australia’s neighboring state of Victoria has collaborated with Tesla in forming a massive 300-megawatt battery. This, along with the previous one, drives the nation towards better grid stabilization and a solid renewable energy source.

The giant battery, or as they call it “Victorian Big Battery Mega-pack’ is decided to be built near Geelong. The location is 70 km southwest of Melbourne, offering up to 300 megawatts and energy storage of 450 megawatts.

The new renewable source of energy battery is three times the one at Hornsdale in South Australia. It was upgraded from 100 megawatts to 150 megawatts, and at that time, it was the biggest in the world.

The location chosen for the mega project is perfect in terms of connection with the wind farms on the south coast and large solar setups in the North of Victoria. Geelong is in favor as it also has transmission lines connecting the national power grid to the state.

French renewable energy company Neoen will bear the installation costs. The firm is already running Australia’s biggest solar farm and many other significant projects. So their credibility for results isn’t a question at all.

The project’s effects will trickle down towards other energy sectors as well. The coal-fired powered stations and other energy sources will be much more stable once the big batteries’ instant response comes to action.

The initial renewable batteries by Tesla has helped Australia save in cost a lot. This has urged more and more countries to get hold of such projects with such promising results. Tesla believes the grid-scale energy side of its business is growing to be as important as the automotive manufacturing side.

It’s also no less important to Tesla’s core mission. When people think of Tesla, they think of the vehicles. But the company aims to accelerate the transition of the world to renewable energy, which might be much bigger than their fabulous vehicles.

Future will probably see more of these massive scale batteries installed across the globe. This might completely tackle the energy crisis of the world for once and all.

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