U.S Air Force Pilots Will Now Fight AI Enemies In AR As Part Of Their Training

In order to optimize the concept of training for fighter pilots in the U.S Air Force, the authorities have dropped some impressive specifications by introducing an incredibly seamless concept that is not only cost-efficient but also an effective technique for training. It has been reported that now the Air Force pilots will conduct their dogfights with their AI enemies instead of human enemies for training purposes. Training them in augmented reality is not only economical but will also be safer for the pilots in case of any unforeseen situation, and in this way, they can be better trained.

Daniel Robinson, founder, and CEO of Red 6, the AR manufacturer, said, “Better, faster, cheaper. This is the way we’ll train [pilots] in the future.” Robinson has also come into collaboration with the Air Force on a $70 million contract for this purpose, which will provide a pathway for future missions as well. Moreover, one of the big talking points is that the air force pilots will be trained against the advanced and stealthy versions of AI-based fighter jets that have recently been manufactured in China and Russia. This means that the dogfights would be exactly like the real missions without any difference.

The most important thing to consider is that the AI-based jets will provide a greater advantage to the pilots because, now, the authorities don’t need to locate and buy expensive jets for their pilots to train. The advanced technology having all the updated features along with the headsets for pilots are now readily available, which will also equip them with real-time data. Not only this, the budget used for acquiring expensive jets for training will now also be conserved for better purposes.

Coupled with the economical nature, the technology is also very safe for pilots because, in case of any collision, their lives would be safe and hence they can cover their loopholes as well for future missions. However, that doesn’t mean the AI enemies will spare the pilots at any cost. It has been noted that recently EpiSci, a company that excels in autonomous technologies, created a virtual enemy for simulator-based training and it came out no less than the real enemy.

Hence, that means the pilots still have to get into the dogfight with more than full preparation as the AI-based enemies have no mood to spare them either. You must remember that the first dogfight that happened in 2020 was between a human and an AI-based fighter jet, hence called the first virtual fight. An F-22 equipped with the veteran pilot, Robinson, was involved in the process, and that was also a good experience. All in all, your AI enemy is run by the computer, so you better know how dangerous it can be in terms of fighting capabilities. May the force be with you!

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