This Tech Reviewer Says That The Heatwave Caused Samsung Batteries To Burst Out of Phones

YouTube tech reviewer Arun Maini, also called the Mrwhosetheboss, says he has made an appalling discovery when checking in on his vast collection of smartphones.

“I’ve just found out that three of my Samsung phones’ batteries have blown up because of the recent UK heatwave,” Maini tweeted on Wednesday. “Not a single other brand has.”

In the worst-case scenario, those swollen batteries could explode and catch fire. Samsung has a notorious history of similar incidents.

Back in 2017, Samsung had a series of complaints regarding the batteries of its Note 7 smartphone exploding and catching fire.

The problem was found to be rooted in phones’ circuitry. There is still a chance that the batteries did not pop because of the heat but due to some other reason.

“We have been made aware of this issue, and have reached out to YouTuber Arun Minai for further information to assess the damage of these devices as a priority,” the company said in a statement to Futurism.

As the world is starting to heat up, tech oversights in manufacturing can prove to be very harmful to the users.  

And tech companies like Samsung should be more careful than ever as they have the experience and the resources to evade such incidents.

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