U.N Scientist Says That Climate Change Is Moving Into ‘Uncharted Territory’

It is not news for anyone anymore that we are going through a range of extreme climate change. The world is changing at an exponential rate. and it is not painting a pretty sight. Human activities have burdened the resources of the earth and the earth itself. Now is the time of facing repercussions for the irresponsible activities that humans indulged in for centuries. The planet is sending its treatment back and humans are not pleased.

The news of wildfires, pollution, and whatnot, has become common and rampant. Recently, the western side of the US was engulfed by wildfires. This was not even fully catered to when the country had to face the effects of Hurricane Ida. Everything had to be fixed. A scientist from the United Nations stated that “We don’t know what’s coming next — but it’ll be bad.”

Kim Cobb is the scientist from the United Nations who was an active part of the composition of the dire report on climate change, stated that we are already living through extreme climate change, and these disasters that are occurring recurrently only re-establish that the world seems to be nearing its end. “We are moving into uncharted territory with climate change,” Cobb said to Yahoo. “The climate we’ve been living in is not going to be the climate we are living in right now, nor over the next decades.”

If we count the disasters occurring in the US only in the past year, we can start with Hurricane Ida that hampered the power in Louisiana and caused a massive downpour in the eastern seaboard. In addition, New York experienced heavy rainfall of 3.15 inches in just one hour!

This man-made climate change wraps the future of the planet in gloom and anxiety. If people want to save the planet, the corrective measures need to be extreme and fast-paced.

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