Twitter Has Lost Three More Top Executives Ahead Of Elon Musk’s Takeover

Twitter’s executive positions began to dwindle on Tuesday, with three top executives resigning as Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase drew closer.

According to sources, Ilya Brown, a vice president of product management, Katrina Lane, a vice president of Twitter service, and Max Schmeiser, the head of data science, all resigned from their positions.

Twitter loses three more top executives as Elon Musk takeover looms |  Communications Today

“We are thankful for all of their hard work and leadership. We continue to be focused on providing the very best experience to the people on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson said.

The resignation came less than a week after Twitter restructured its product division, including the sacking of two top product employees by CEO Parag Agrawal. Moreover, Twitter implemented budget cuts and a hiring freeze last week while the business stated that layoffs were not planned.   

“Leaders will continue making changes to their organisations to improve efficiencies as needed,” CEO Agarwal informed employees.

Twitter employees are constantly uncertain as the company awaits Musk to seal his deal and take the micro-blogging site private. 

Twitter Loses Three More Top Executives After Elon Musk Acquisition

Musk’s provocative tweets and online statements have profound consequences. He has rebuked Twitter officials and now claims that the firm may be misrepresenting the public about how many bot and spam accounts are included in Twitter’s total user count.

Twitter Will Take Down Pictures of People Posted Without Their Permission -  The New York Times

Musk has stated that the transaction is “on hold” until he receives additional information. On the other hand, Twitter noted that it is eager to complete the deal. After tumbling for seven consecutive trading days, the stock climbed 2.9 percent to $38.47 on Tuesday. But it is still substantially below the offer price, showing investor uncertainty about the deal’s success.

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