NASA’s Administrator Bill Nelson Says That China Has Become ‘Good At Stealing’


The United States has started a space race with China that echoes with the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

During a low-key House Appropriations Committee hearing recently, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson broke the ice by addressing the public about how he truly thinks about the growing competition in space forays between the US and China.

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He made his feelings clear about China “stealing” spacecraft designs from the American public and private sectors.

During the hearing, Alabama’s representative Robert Aderholt questioned Nelson about how the space agency could “secure American research and development,” given the “jarring similarities” between China’s and the US rocket designs.

When asked why Nelson said, Rep. Aderholt explained the case significantly more “delicately” and “eloquently” than Nelson thought he could, given his reservations. That is where Nelson blamed the similarities in both countries’ rocket technology on “stealing.”

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“Yes, they are pretty good at stealing,” declared Nelson. We need to take cybersecurity very seriously in govt (sic) and private sector,” continued the tweet that quoted Nelson from Smith.

However, this isn’t the only time Nelson has expressed his thoughts about the space rivalry. Nelson claims that he has been “shouting this message to the rooftops not just concerning the government but also about the private sector” and that “the private sector is now getting the message.”

Furthermore, Nelson also confirmed that NASA’s long-awaited Artemis lunar mission would launch in August 2022. Given that the agency has already announced that it will not place an official launch date on the next program until the “wet dress rehearsal,” scheduled for this summer, this is shocking news.

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Nelson appeared to be full of surprises during this boring Tuesday morning session. So, space isn’t that dull, right?


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