Twitter Has Been Slapped With Another Lawsuit Over Unpaid Bills – This Time By A Marketing Firm

Twitter, run by Elon Musk, is facing yet another lawsuit, this time for allegedly neglecting to pay its payments to a marketing business.

Canary, a San Ramon-based agency that develops and sells branded merchandise, accused Twitter in a January 6 lawsuit of ignoring $392,239.11 in bills that began piling up in September of last year. However, Musk purchased Twitter on October 27.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Twitter has been sued for unpaid payments.

A landlord for Twitter accused the company of failing to pay $136,250 in rent for the 30th floor of an office tower at 650 California St. two weeks ago.

The cash-strapped social network company, which Musk paid $44 billion for under fear of legal action, apparently ceased paying rent at several of its global locations last year, including its Mid-Market headquarters in San Francisco.

Musk has also significantly reduced the company’s workforce, notably through massive layoffs; as a result, the business is being sued repeatedly for allegedly handling those layoffs inappropriately.

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