Twitter Has A New Tagline, And It Is Not What You Would Expect

The software formerly known as Twitter, or rather, X, is undergoing a significant transition that goes beyond the name change. The platform is being rebranded by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, and his most recent move includes a new motto that has generated interest and amusement online.

“Blaze your glory!” has taken the place of the former catchphrase “Let’s talk.” It’s a definitive statement that evokes associations with a Bon Jovi song and a hint of nostalgia for ’80s rock bands. Musk left the meaning of this cryptic word in the tweet’s absence, leaving users to make their own assumptions.

Musk has been vocal about his ambition to turn X into an “everything app,” expanding its functionalities beyond just posting and messaging. This transformation began in April when he established X Corp. as the official parent company of Twitter. Then, earlier this month, the platform bid farewell to the Twitter brand and the iconic blue bird logo. The letter “X” now dominates the company’s headquarters in San Francisco and the app’s page in the Apple App Store.

Despite initial jokes about the pornographic implications of the new X logo, a CivicScience survey showed that the rebranding was viewed positively by 36% of the platform’s daily active users in the last six months, compared to 27% who felt negatively about it.

However, the meaning behind the new tagline remains a mystery. Some speculate that “Blaze your glory!” could signify a call to express oneself fearlessly and confidently on the platform, while others believe it hints at X’s broader ambitions to offer diverse features for users to explore.

When media outlets sought clarification from X, they received the now-infamous automated PR response: “We’ll get back to you soon.” Musk’s approach to the rebranding seems to involve a level of intrigue and secrecy, keeping users and the public guessing about the platform’s future.

One thing is certain as X develops: Twitter, or rather, X, isn’t simply about tweeting and chatting anymore. The platform wants to enable users to capture the spotlight and leave their mark on the globe with the new motto and a larger goal. Only time will tell if the platform’s rebranding will be successful, but it is obvious that X is committed to differentiating itself from its previous self and breaking new ground in the social media landscape.

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