Turns Out Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Has A Very Big Weakness

A Tesla driver took to the r/teslamotors subreddit to highlight a “major design flaw” in their brand-new Model 3. The issue revolved around the defroster lines, which are intended to clear foggy or icy windshields swiftly but reportedly failed to clear the vehicle’s driver assistance cameras. This led to repeated “take over immediately” messages, rendering the vehicle’s Full Self-Driving feature, a premium $15,000 add-on, temporarily unusable.

While the exact cause of the problem remains uncertain, it raises questions about the practicality of relying solely on camera-based driver assistance systems, particularly in cold weather conditions. Reddit users in the thread shared similar experiences, with one lamenting that they couldn’t even use cruise control on their daily commute due to the issue.

The original poster later provided an update, indicating that Tesla’s service department acknowledged the problem and was searching for a software solution. However, their scheduled service appointment was canceled, with representatives assuring them that no hardware issues were detected.

Elon Musk’s unwavering support for camera-based systems while many carmakers turn to LIDAR technology is a subject of debate. LIDAR employs pulsed lasers to detect a vehicle’s surroundings, offering an alternative approach to autonomous driving. Some Tesla customers and observers are skeptical of Musk’s insistence on cameras, emphasizing the potential limitations of a vision-reliant system.

As one Reddit user expressed, complete reliance on vision may prove to be a mistake, arguing that humans augment their vision with technology to enhance sensory perception and interaction with the world. The discussion surrounding Tesla’s camera-based approach reveals the complexities and concerns associated with the company’s stance on driver assistance technology.

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