Turn Your Empty Soda Can Into A DIY Popcorn Maker

DIY popcorn popper

Next time when you finish your can outdoors, don’t throw it away as you can convert it into a DIY popcorn oven. Many don’t know but the tin cans can actually come in handy after the drink is finished and it doesn’t involve throwing them at birds for once. All you need apart from the tin can is a knife and some supply of corn or if you are near a field, you can nick a few from it. Here is how you can make one:

Easy, peasy! Just make sure that while cutting, you need to take care of your hands by yourself. Try not to cut any fingers while you are building it.

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  1. Natasha Darling Reply

    OH, wow!

    What a genius trick, I love it! THis is a great idea, it´s like a party trick, but for camping.

    Keep up the great work,

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