Turkish Guy Creates Privacy Glasses That Only Allow Him To See His Smartphone Screen

Smartphone Privacy Glasses Are Here

We all have experienced the annoying feeling when someone is looking over our shoulders on the smartphone screen that we are using. It is indeed quite a serious privacy issue and Celal Göger decided to do something about it.Smartphone Privacy Glasses Are Here 2

Celal Göger is a 42-year-old mobile phone repairman from the Turkish town of Bismil, Diyarbakir province. He has invented a gadget that allows only himself to see his smartphone’s screen. According to Celal, he came up with this invention when during checking his emails on the local tram, he noticed people staring at the phone’s screen and realized that this was a serious privacy concern being faced by others as well. He went back to his phone repair shop and began working towards a solution.Smartphone Privacy Glasses Are Here 3

Celal Göger has been fixing phones since 1999 and is quite experienced at his profession. He finally came up with a system that allows him to turn the screen of any smartphone, tablet or laptop completely white (and useless) for everyone looking at it unless they have a unique pair of special glasses on. The exact details of this feat are yet to be discovered since the news has only been covered by Turkish websites. Basically, Celal programmed a small chip to turn the display white and installed it on the smartphone and then proceeded to come up with another chip that can be mounted on any pair of glasses and connected to the chip on the phone via Bluetooth to bypass the white screen.Smartphone Privacy Glasses Are Here

Check out the video below for more details:

It costs around $10 and can be used with any sort of electronic display including TVs as well. He is currently working towards getting his invention patented following which he intends to mass produce it. Fingers crossed!

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