Car Engine Giving Funny Noises? Troubleshoot Your Car Problem With This Flow Chart

If you are a car enthusiast, you would know your car engine inside and out, and the minor fixes will never be a problem for you. You hear a click or a clunk, and you take 10 seconds to think of all the possibilities that could be causing the noises. Whether are not you are good with cars, these have become a necessity that most of us can not avoid owning. You can easily learn some of the basic fixes for your vehicle, so you do not have to take it to the mechanic for the tiniest of things.

Image: Cowboy & Dave’s Auto Repair

You would not wish for your car to break down and abandon you in the middle of nowhere so you’d better be able to diagnose its problems right in time. The engine of a car will make some kind of noise when any of its components is having trouble, and the flow chart below will let you find out what the actual problem is:

Learn from the flowchart what the potential problem is. You might be able to solve it yourself, and if you can not, your mechanic won’t be able to rip you off with some fake repair.


Flowchart Credits: If It Jams

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