Closing Your Background Apps Won’t Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

You must have read a plethora of articles that guide you to conserve your iPhone’s battery. Most of them entail this tip: “Close your background apps as often as possible.” While it sounds reasonable and logical, a recent revelation by one of the big boys at Apple negates the concept. Craig Federighi, the Apple’s head of software development, recently debunked this theory in an email sent to Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, by a fan.

He totally trashed the theory that power can be saved by closing the apps via phone’s multitasking window forcefully. Infact, he said that the force-quitting and re-opening of your iOS apps further reduce the phone’s battery life. Kyle Richter, the MartianCraft CEO,  also on his website.

“The only time you need to force-quit an app is if it is frozen, or otherwise misbehaving—beyond that the best battery life can be attained by not force-quitting any apps.

Pic Credits: thewirecutter
Image Credits: thewirecutter

Now you no longer have to go through the hassle of closing apps forcefully. But how are you going to save some battery juice now? One surefire way to save your decreasing battery is by activating Airplane mode in an area with weak signals. When the signals are weak, your phone’s battery is drained out unnecessarily in a bid to search for a connection. Thus, using Airplane mode in such areas is a good way to start.

You can also switch over your iPhone to Low Power Mode when the battery hits 20 percent or lower. Over the years, iPhone has improved this feature greatly, and now it can extend your phone’s life for up to three extra hours.

Deleting your Facebook, Twitter, etc. apps, and switching to low end browsers like Safari for your browsing and social media needs can also be a good way to keep your phone running for a longer time. iPhone’s screen also consumes a lot of energy. If you switch over to auto-brightness mode, this can adapt the screen brightness according to the given conditions while conserving your battery life.

Pic Credits: thewirecutter
Image Credits: thewirecutter

Although the list of these small tips and tricks can go on and on, it is a fact that our sheer addiction with smartphones makes any battery time meagre and paltry. One recent study revealed that 42 percent of Americans check their emails in the bathroom as well.

Unless we cut down our daily smartphone dosage, tips and tricks are not enough to make our phones’ batteries last longer. Think about this!

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