Top 5 Engineering Fields That Have Highest Demand Right Now

Top 5 Engineering Fields As Per Millennials Drone

Welcome to the guild of engineers that is comprised of design, structures, machines and technology. The current job market is relying on engineers to such an extent that being an engineer implies you’re in a prime position to take on the corporate ladder. It is a globally known fact that millennials shall constitute about 50% of the global workforce by 2020. We have compiled a list of top five engineering fields that are in demand among the millennials. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

5. Nuclear engineering

Side profile of a worker talking on a walkie-talkie at a power plant

Not many job titles can beat the awesome title of ‘nuclear engineer’. The field is increasingly becoming more and more important since the need for alternative fuels is becoming critical. The engineers in this field have to tackle the research and development while also working in procedures to harness nuclear energy.

4. Modern structural engineeringTop 5 Engineering Fields As Per Millennials Modern

The field demands for engineers with an eye for design while also being a keen follower of sustainability and clean energy. Structure engineers are required to work in collaboration with designers while also being fluent with all the software pertaining to the job. The collaborative nature of this field makes it a perfect match for millennials who love working in such environments.

3. Biomedical engineeringTop 5 Engineering Fields As Per Millennials Biomedical

This seemingly dry and boring field is anything but boring. In fact, technologies pertaining to this field are helping to shape the healthcare’s future ranging from nanomedicine to bionics. The engineers are responsible for developing, testing, maintaining and troubleshooting these technologies and get to tackle with the medical community’s most advanced projects.

2. Drone engineeringTop 5 Engineering Fields As Per Millennials Drone

Drones have become quite the news nowadays and it is very clear that people just can’t get enough of it. Future of retail has been predicted and according to these predictions; drones would only have more and more people interested in it owing to its capability of imparting instant gratification. A number of companies are looking at this technology, ranging from Amazon to McDonalds.

1. Virtual or augmented reality engineeringTop 5 Engineering Fields As Per Millennials VR

Virtual reality comes out on top when it comes to the hottest topic of 2015. There is a myriad of high-ranking companies such as Nokia and Google who are taking on this industry. The tasks range from developing 3D models for VR games to coming up with physical gadgets that allow for viewing and filming augmented reality films. The possibilities are endless since more and more companies are entering the market.




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