ISIS Is Now Hiring Engineers To Run It’s Oil Business & Is Offering Unbelievable Salaries

isis engineer

Yes! You read that right. According to a terrorism expert, ISIS is hiring engineers to run its oil business. In their ads, they ask engineers to “name their price” when applying.

At this point of time, ISIS has over 10 oil fields in their control throughout Iraq and Syria. The crude oil is sold directly to independent traders through a sophisticated system. The commodity has such a high demand that even before the crude oil is pumped out, the tankers are already lined up to buy the produce. Producing 34,000-40,000 barrels per day, industry experts estimate that ISIS makes over 1 Milion dollars every day.

isis oil industry


Dr Liang who is an expert on the subject said: “Oil is hugely important to ISIS and is helping fund its operation. It is recruiting online, with the promise of high salaries, flat screen televisions and a comfortable life – if you pledge allegiance to IS.” She further warned by saying “They can name their price, but when they get there do they discover they cannot leave, or their family will be harmed,”


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