Here Are 20 Typos That Ended Up Costing A Fortune

We all make mistakes, don’t we? How many times have you tried saying something and the wrong word came out of your mouth, but you instantly correct with a slight embarrassment? At other occasions, you send texts with typos changing the entire meaning, but then a follow-up text message with correction can solve it. The mistake can be a little bigger, and you can end up printing the wrong number on an advertisement poster, but getting another one printed would just cost a bit more. Don’t forget that typo where you didn’t put a semicolon in your program and your whole project was ruined!

Some mistakes like sending a text to the wrong person or writing the wrong name on a wedding invitation, or sending the card to the wrong address can be hilarious, while others can bring an incredible pain. You put 100$ instead of 10$ on a utility bill which nearly caused a mini heart-attack to the poor consumer. The video below features the top 20 tiny mistakes made due to typos, and they cost way more than a little laugh or a few hundred dollars.


Do you know of any more that you could add to the list? Share the most hilarious typo mistake you have ever done in the comments’ section below.

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