Artist Installs A Dramatic Sculpture In Venice Canal To Raise Climate Change Awareness

The sculpture of these huge hands emerging from the water at the Grand Canal in Venice is a new art installation with a purpose. The sculpture known as ‘Support’ has been created by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn. The aim of this piece of art is to raise awareness about the climate changes in the city that has caused water levels of the canal to rise.

Credits: Instagram
Rising Water Levels In Venice

Upon the launch of this sculpture, the artist Lorenzo Quinn used Instagram to voice his concerns about the rising water levels in the city.

“SUPPORT in Venice to support this wonder of a city that is threatened by climate change. I hope my art brings a new focus of attention to a global calamity that we are faced with”.

The current alarming mean water level of the city is 25 centimeters higher than the reference zero level. It is quite dangerous and causes chronic damage to the structures and buildings. If insignificant measures are taken, the situation will continue to deteriorate. Scientists predict that the estimated mean water level will rise to 50 centimeters by 2100, which means that the deterioration of the buildings and structures would be irreparable.

“The sculpture wants to speak to the people in a clear, simple, and direct way through the innocent hands of a child and it evokes a powerful message that united we can make a stand to curb the climate change that affects us all. We must all collectively think of how we can protect our planet and by doing that, we can protect our national heritage sites” says Lorenzo Quinn.

Protecting Venice From Floods

Among other attempts to counter the effects of climate change, the most prominent one is Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico MOSE, a protection program against flooding. The project is working to protect Venice and its lagoon from tides upto 3 meters high.

Credits: Instagram

The ‘Support’ sculpture also represents the support needed by the city to conserve its one of a kind and vibrant heritage. The unique and historical architecture of Venice is a monument of Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Hence, these monuments require ultimate preservation and maintenance for the generations to come.

The Halcyon Gallery shows the installation of the ‘Support’ sculpture, whereas, the artist expressed his concerns on his Instagram account.

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