Top 10 Largest Ships in The World


Let’s be clear on one point from the start. The largest ships in the world are oil tankers, cargo carriers and LNG carriers. But we are not going to discuss them as they are all the same, boring and easy target for Somali pirates. The ships we are here to discuss are ocean liners, aircraft carriers and even an odd ship in between. Some of these ships have been in service for 50 years while a few have been recently commissioned.

10. Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway

(Length 325.7 meter, Capacity 5500, 6000 people, Tonnage 146600, 154400 Cost 692, 678 million $)

The Getaway and Breakaway duo is tenth in our list. They are both operated by Norwegian Cruise Line.  Breakaway was completed in 2013 and Getaway in 2014. They mostly undertake 7 nights cruise in the Caribbean and Bermuda. Next time you go there, do check them out.MS Freedom of the Seas

9. MS Freedom of the Seas

MS Freedom of the Seas
(Length 338.94 meters, Capacity ~5000 passengers, Tonnage 154407, Cost 800 million $)

MS freedom of the seas is another massive cruise ship built recently in 2004. It used to be the largest cruise ship before the arrival of Oasis Class ships that are further up the list.

8. Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic
(Length 329 m, Capacity 5800 passengers, Tonnage 155873 Cost 1.2 billion $)

Another Cruise ship of the prestigious Norwegian cruise line. It is also a recent ship first launched in 2009. It is one of the most luxurious and beautiful liners in the world.

7. Nimitz Class Carriers

(Length 332.9m , Tonnage 100,000 long tons, Cost 1 billion $ (1975), aircraft 80+, Crew 6000 personnel )

Nimitz class carriers are a group of aircraft carriers operated by the US Navy that until recently, were the largest warship class in the world. They operate in carrier groups with submarines, destroyers and other assisting ships. For decades, Nimitz class ships have defined the military supremacy of US all over the world due to their frequent deployment to look after national interests. First Nimitz class carrier was commissioned in 1976.Gerald-Ford Class Carriers

6. Gerald-Ford Class Carriers

(Length 337 m, Tonnage 100,000 long tons, Cost 12.8 billion dollars. Aircraft 75+, Crew 4300)

These are the latest generation of super carriers being adopted by the US Navy. The size of the ship is enormous, but the crew requirement is much less than that of Nimitz Class. It is undergoing tests prior to commissioning.

5. USS Enterprise Class Carrier

entprise (Length 342 m, Tonnage 94,700 tons, cost 450 million $ (1960) crew 5000+)

USS enterprise-class aircraft carrier was the largest carrier ever made. It housed an astonishing crew strength and remained in operation for more than 50 years. It was the first nuclear powered carrier ever built and formed a task force consisting of only nuclear powered ships. It participated in all major wars and is currently awaiting demolishing after decommissioning.

4. RMS Queen Mary 2

(Length 345 m, Tonnage 148,000+ tons, cost 700 million $, passengers 3800+)

Queen Mary 2 is a titanic-like transatlantic super cruiser launched in 2003. She was the first big liner constructed after RMS Elizabeth in 1969. It primarily operates between Southampton and New York just like old times.

3. MS Quantum of the Seas

(Length 347.1 m, Tonnage 168,666 tons, cost 935 million $, 6000+)

Another Jumbo cruiser manufactured in recent times. It belongs to the quantum class of cruises currently second largest in the world. It was completed in 2014 and sails to Bahamas and nearby Caribbean from Cape Liberty Cruise Port. The number of passengers is double than freedom class.

2. Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas

(Length 362 m, Tonnage 225,000+ tons, cost 1.2-1.4 billion $, Passengers 8200+)

Oasis of the seas and Allure of the seas are sister ships belonging to the same class. They are currently the largest cruisers in the world and one of the biggest ships ever made. Their weight is much more than quantum class. They also belong to the Caribbean route.

1. Pioneering Spirit

( Length 382 m, Tonnage 403,332 tons, Cost 1.7 billion $, Crew 571)

So the largest ship in the world apart from cargo carriers, etc. is not actually an aircraft carrier or a cruiser but a twin hulled platform installation, decommissioning ship named pioneering spirit. Its tonnage is the highest among all vessels and it is simply a force to be reckoned with. It was manufactured in South Korea in 2013.

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