10 Facts About Apple Watch You Probably Didn’t Know

Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch is more than just a watch; it is a lifestyle. Check out the following 10 facts about Apple watch and while you’re at it, don’t forget that it does tell time! Let us know what you think of the watch in the comments section below.

10. First off, you should be aware that the high-end models of this amazing watch will be taking quite a toll on your wallet – they will cost a few thousand dollars. The most expensive version will cost you $17000Apple Watch 14

9. This is Apple’s first completely new product category since the launch of iPad and is a gamble for Apple as well.Apple Watch 5

8. It features a touch interface that can differentiate between a hard touch and a soft touch and also sports a ‘digital crown’ that allows user to scroll through without blocking the screen.Apple Watch 8

7. It is the most varied and customizable product ever launched by Apple. It shall be available in 3 unique editions and prices begin at $349.Apple Watch 12

6. It will sport some independent apps as well such as Tesla app that is capable of showing the electric car’s status while charging and a Starwood app that allows the gadget to double up as a room key.Apple Watch 9

5. The device has to be paired with an iPhone to make use of all its functions. It makes use of phone’s data along with GPS connection to gather directions or incoming voice calls and SMS.Apple Watch 11

4 We know that the current downside of the wearables in battery time. However, Tim Cook – CEO – has claimed that the watch will be able to last a day before needing a charge.Apple Watch 7

3. The watch sports Apple Pay and if you swipe it in front of a kiosk that is compatible, an automatic online payment shall be made.Apple Watch 10

2 The fitness app, which also constitutes as one of the main selling points, shall be able to track runs, bike rides and walks. The watch is also capable of monitoring your heart rate throughout the day by making use of the light sensors located at its back.Apple Watch 4

1. It shall come along with a number of customizable bands, that shall slip on and click in place at the top and bottom of the watch’s body.Apple Watch 6

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