Top 10 High Performance Hoverboards 2016 Edition

10 performance based hoverboards (7)

There has been an influx of personal scooters (a.k.a Hoverboards) in the market today, so much so that it becomes difficult to buy one without any know how. In this list, we have covered high-performance Hoverboards having a price range below 600$.

10. Sharper Image Hoverboard(399$)

10 High performance hoverboards (8)

One of most cost effective hoverboards on our list. They are fitted with a 36 V 4.4A Samsung Lithium Battery and have a max speed of about 10km/h.

Available here

9. Hoverboard by Anhell(409.93$)

10 High performance hoverboards (10)

The Hoverboard charges comparatively quickly and is capable of delivering max speeds of 20km/h on straight surfaces. The scooter comes with a one year warranty

Available here

8. Hoverboard By Anhell (469.99$)

10 High performance hoverboards (4)

Practically the same as our no.9 but this model has a Bluetooth speaker and a bigger battery which enables it to travel longer distances. Superior control during cornering also makes this a very good buy.

Available here

7. HoveTech Hoverboard(480.08$)

10 High performance hoverboards (9)

With maximum speeds crossing 13km/h even with a 220-pound weight, there is no doubting the power of this machine. What concerns us though is its battery life that reduces its range to only 10-12km on a full charge.

Available here

6. Leray Hoverboard (499.9$)

10 High performance hoverboards (5)

If we consider only the tech support and overall consumer handling, then leray might as well be our no.1 pick but since the list is based on power, Leray Hoverboards lack a little bit of punch. Though the hoverboards can reach comparable speeds but has issues when you are going up an incline.

Available here

5. Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board(500$)

10 High performance hoverboards (7)

These high-performance hoverboards can travel nearly 30km per charge and even come with added warranty if you register online. With 7″ wheels, you can easily use them on off-road terrain as well making them one of the most versatile hoverboards on our list.

Available here

4. Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter(599$)

10 High performance hoverboards (6)

Razor Hovertrax hoverboards have one of the best power management system onboard because for their size & weight their batteries last remarkably long. These hoverboards can also sustain payloads of over 100kg

Available here

3. Powerboard Hoverboards(599.9$)

10 High performance hoverboards (2)

One of the most durable and versatile hoverboards in the market today. The machine takes less than 60 minutes to charge completely and delivers about 6 hours of battery life. Top speed of the scooter is around 15km/h

Available here

2. Glyro Self Balancing Scooter Turbo w/Bluetooth Speakers by Jetson(727.17$)

10 High performance hoverboards (3)

If you want to enjoy your music as you travel, then these are the best choice for you because they are embedded with high-quality Bluetooth speakers. The hoverboard is easy to learn, and the charger is also UL certified.

Available here

1. PowerBoard Hoverboards(799$)

10 High performance hoverboards (1)

Though similar to no.3 this model delivers up to 8 hours of battery life. Furthermore, if you want to ride in style, the golden paint on this one might be the ideal choice. It comes with a one year warranty and can easily climb inclinations of 20 degrees or less.

Available here

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