Top 10 Best Electric Scooters That Are Fun To Ride 2019

10 Best Electric scooter (6)

Scooters make a great gift for kids aged between 6 to 14 years. So this holiday season, give our list a read before your buy one.

10. Fuzion V-1000 (1200$)

10 Best Electric scooter (3)

Lithium Ion powered battery with 500 Watt Brushless Hub Motor makes this a powerful scooter for one. But we do not understand why the price tag is soo high for this device

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9. Challenger X Power Electric Scooter (1175$)

10 Best Electric scooter (4)

This scooter has a powerful 750 watt motor and plenty of space for two people to ride in. This is ideal for going to the mall & for kids to play with, but we believe the 1175$ price tag is too much even though it is a very powerful machine.

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8. Mongoose MG1143 (120$)

10 Best Electric scooter (9)

100-watt motor is installed in this machine & even has a Warning light for low batteries. Hand operated brakes give you complete control & colored polyurethane wheels add good aesthetics as well. The scooter weighs around 25 pounds.

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7. Maxtra® Electric Scooters (149.99$)

10 Best Electric scooter (5)

This scooter comes with a seat so that your kid can ride easily. The scooter has a speed range of up to 14mph and is CE/ROHS Certified. As a negative point though it has low battery life.

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6.  E-Scooter by Overwhelming (130$)

10 Best Electric scooter (6)

Made by the same manufacturer as no.7 but sold by a different distributor. This scooter is smaller in size and has a better life. The machine also has handlebar folding mechanism making it easy to store when not in use.

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5. UberScoot 1000w (486.19$)

10 Best Electric scooter (7)

This is a heavy duty scooter with thicker and bigger wheels & excellent shock absorption making it ideal for off-road conditions. It can travel at speeds of 24 to 26mph & is powered by 1000 W batteries.

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4. Pulse Performance Products GRT-11 Electric Scooter (98.47$)

10 Best Electric scooter (8)

This scooter can travel at speeds of 8MPH and gives you the ride time of 50minutes on a single charge. As per price and features offered this is perhaps the best value but since it is for smaller aged kids it does not have adjustable height.

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3. Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter (119.90$)

10 Best Electric scooter (1)

This scooter has 150 watts of power. It has a unique three wheel design that provides better control and stability during cornering,
but we think the 5-mile range per charge is too less.

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2. Super Cycles & Scooters BlackSUP800 (499$)

10 Best Electric scooter (2)

A device that has a 1000watt motor that can hold up a 250lb rider. If you want to go for power at an affordable price, then this is it as it can reach speeds over 26mph.

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1. Razor E100 Electric Scooter (108$)

10 Best Electric scooter (10)

One of the best electric scooter and one of the most popular as well. The device has over 1000 positive reviews on and is offered at a fraction of a price of others. It can run for nearly an hour on a single charge.

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