10 Best Decks for Scooters. Take Your Scooter To The Next Level

10 Best Decks for scooters (8)

There are multiple accessories you can attach on your scooter. Decks are one of most fundamental parts of a scooter so give our list a read before buying one. If you do not own a scooter yet, check out the Top 10 Best Scooters.

10. Sacrifice AK-115 Street Deck (158.99$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (9)

A wider deck than most which provides comfort while standing. The durability and impact resistance of this deck is quite high, but we do not think anyone of us would pay that much for a deck.

Available Here!

9. Madd Gear MFX Alloy Scooter Deck (146$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (7)

A strong metal alloy deck that gives you a firm feel when you stand on top of it. Super light and super strong but the price is a little too high.

Available Here!

8. Flavor Awakening V2 (155$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (10)

The deck has an Integrated Headtube with cutouts and is made from 6061 Heat Treated Aluminum, which is quite durable. The deck includes flex brake, rear axle bolt, and spacers

Available Here in various colors!

7. Razor Phase Two X-Deck (85.94$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (2)

Constructed from strong, durable, lightweight TIG welded aircraft grade aluminum making your ride safe. The joints have decent quality welding that can sustain stresses no matter which terrain you drive on.

Available Here!

6. Fasen Vincent Kudrna Signature Deck (103.99$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (5)

Made from 7000 Series Aluminum and has a 3D Forged Headtube. The entire frame weighs a touch over 2 pounds, so it does not add extra bulk to your scooter. Plus there is always that “mean” looking art.

Available Here!

5. Lucky Scooter Stinger Deck (33.32$-159.95$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (3)

This deck has a Head Tube Angle 82.5 degrees and is made from aluminum. Price is dependent upon width of the platform.The device comes with a very durable built-in brake which adds to the riding experience.

Available Here!

4. Envy AOS V3 (183$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (8)

The vibrant colors on this deck are unique. The deck weighs around 2.7 pounds and the headtube angle is at 83 and since it is 4.52″wide it gives you a comfortable & safe feel while riding. Perhaps the only thing stopping it going up on our list is its price.

Available Here!

3. UrbanArtt Integrated Trail Deck Black (80$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (6)

Again this scooter deck has a welded headset, so you do not have to assemble it. The deck is made from T6 Aluminium Alloy, and the Anodized Sandblaster Matte Finish gives it an elegant look.

Available Here!

2. District DK2-I2 Integrated Deck White (54.45$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (4)

One of the better value for money buys for your scooter. This deck has an integrated weight of about 3.24 pounds and is available in High-quality Epoxy paint of 7 different colors that you can choose from.  The manufacturer claims that it is made from Aluminum 6061 which is T5 Certified & T4 and T6 Heat treated.

Available Here in multiple colors!

1. 5Starr Circuit – Pro Scooter Deck (44.99$)

10 Best Decks for scooters (1)

A good deck that is -T5 extruded using a CNC machine. The total weight of the deck is 3.2 pounds that might be on the heavier side, but the deck has unmistakeable build quality. The deck even carries a 90-day warranty, and you can not ignore the affordable price tag.

Available Here!

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