This Toaster Is Your Personal Weather Forecaster, Private Messenger And Doodle Pad

Yes, you read it right! A toaster will help you do all of that. Toasteroid is not any ordinary toaster. It is an app-controlled smart gadget that allows you to have a better morning/brunch experience with images and text printed on the toast itself.

The Toasteroid does more than satisfying hunger. It allows the customers to design or choose images to print on their toast through an Android/iOS app. They can also print the weather forecast or a reminder on the toast. Have a look at the images of the toasted bread below.

Get your reminders. Credits: Toasteroid
Get your reminders. (Credits: Toasteroid)
Send and receive messages to your loved ones. Credits: Toasteroid
Send and receive messages to your loved ones. (Credits: Toasteroid)

The gadget not only  toasts your bread but can also be your “personal weather forecaster, private messenger, and doodle pad.” All you need to do is install the app on your smartphone. You can input commands to “make a perfect piece of toast you’ve ever had.”

Credits: Toasteroid
Credits: Toasteroid

Don’t worry; it also features the fictions of a conventional toaster despite being a smart toaster. The Toasteroid comes with the defrost and reheat modes, a removable tray for crumbs, an extra long and wide slot, and seven degrees of browning control. This gadget is made up of die-cast aluminum that gives it a pretty solid look in the kitchen. Watch the toaster in action in the video below.

You can visit the Toasteroid’s Kickstarter page for campaign detail. Would you like to buy this toaster to remind yourself to pay the bills? Let us know about your views in comments’ section below.

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