Throwable Search Robots Are Being Used To Find Survivors In Miami

If you follow the news or reside anywhere near Miami, you must have come across the tragic news of the collapse of a condo in Miami, Florida. The extent of the collapse was devastatingly massive, and it is reported that 150 people are still missing who were around or inside the building.

Search and rescue parties have been sent out and these officers are risking their lives to find any victims who are alive under the debris. In this time of chaos and helplessness, a robotics firm, Teledyne FLIR came for a literal rescue. The company sent two FirstLook robots at the scene so they can get inside and under the debris and locate any stranded people. They are specifically designed to function in narrow and tight spaces where humans cannot reach. Their two-way radio and cameras enable communication with convenience. Their bodies can sustain a fall even on hard concrete by 5 meters.

Teledyne FLIR sent another robot by the name of PackBot that can remove and move heavy objects up to 18 kgs. This helps the first responders to work faster, safer, and smarter. Both the PackBot and FirstLook only function with the instructions of an operator and are not entirely autonomous.

Rescue workers and these robots have tremendously helped the situation and search operations are still underway. The cause of the collapse is allegedly attributed to the negligence of the administration and contractors. The building was said to be weak, and few structural problems were identified in an inspection. However, no attention was paid to these concerns and no remedial measures were taken to alleviate the situation. It is stated that had the management been attentive to the concerns raised earlier, this unpleasant situation would have been avoided entirely.

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