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Thousands Of These Mysterious Snowballs Have Just Showed Up In Siberia



The village of Nyda sitting on the Yamal Peninsula, Arctic Circle can see the snowball fight of the century. It seems as though some giants have had a snow fight here, as giant frozen orbs could be seen along the 11-mile Siberian coastline.

These amazing snowballs were one of the most astounding sights ever seen, with the largest naturally formed one measuring nearly 3 feet across.

These balls have been created in late October after a surge of water in the Gulf of Ob rising to land and covering the beach in ice. After the water had retreated, chunks of the ice were formed which then rolled over in the wet sand and formed orbs of the size of tennis balls, bowling balls and basketballs.


The region of Siberia has recorded all-time low temperatures and a record snowfall for this time of year. These conditions are heralding the start of an extremely snowy winter in parts of the U.S. with focus on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, as well as in Western Europe.

This would perhaps mean that we would be seeing more and more of these astounding giant snowballs in the U.S. Great Lakes.


In a similar event in 2013, ice balls weighing over 50 pounds were seen in Good Harbor Bay, Michigan. 

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