These Weird Yet Unique Experiments Will Force You To Question Every Childhood Myth

In honor of the Inventor’s Day, researchers at GE decided to celebrate unusually; they made use of the technology to do things that are considered impossible. The impossible mission series included some experiments like seeing how a snowball fares in hell, whether talking to a wall is a good idea or not, and if lightning can be captured by any means.

For the first experiment, they chose ‘a snowball’s chance in hell.’ They made a box using supermaterials that were claimed to be ‘hell-proof’ and took snowballs to foundry using these boxes. The boxes were then doused in a pool of molten steel. What happened? Check it out below.

For the second experiment, they opted for ‘talking to a wall.’ When someone speaks, the generated sound waves travel in air and vibrate the eardrums of the listener, thus causing that person to ‘hear’ the sound. Although a wall doesn’t feature brain or eardrums, it is still capable of receiving those sound waves. GE researchers made use of the sensors known as accelerometers for detecting those minute sound waves. The experiment had a man read a story to the Berlin Wall, and a group of students listened to the story from the other side of the wall, 500 feet away!

The third experiment had the research team capturing bolts of lightning from the sky. The lightning disappears as quickly as it shows up. However, the team was able to capture it in a bottle by making use of supercapacitors. The 2 million volts of lab-made lightning was trapped in a bottle. If that doesn’t excite you, nothing will!

Which one of these experiments is the most incredible one? Do let us know in the comments’ section below.

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