Thor Trucks Unveil Their Rival For The Tesla Semi Truck

We saw the impressive features the Tesla Semi truck had to offer. Thor Trucks went ahead and released an electric truck of their own to rival the one released by Elon Musk’s Tesla. The new truck is known as ET-One and boasts features similar to that of the Tesla Semi truck.

ET-One claims to have the capability of hauling 80,000 lbs with instant torque at zero RPM. The distance that can be covered on a single charge of its lithium-ion battery is 300 km. We see that these features are same as that of the basic model of the Tesla Semi trucks.

(Source: New Atlas)

Dakota Semler and Gio Sordoni, the co-founders of Thor Trucks are behind ET-One. They developed the whole project using profits from the company’s other ventures and are now looking for a partner to bring their vehicle to the market.

Having a top speed of 70 mph, like the Tesla Semi truck, it is designed for short hauls. The battery takes 90 minutes to charge completely after it has been drained. Not many other specs are available at the time but Thor Trucks claims that ET-One should be 60 percent cheaper to maintain per mile, and 70 percent less expensive to “fuel” as compared to a similar diesel truck, at the same time having zero emissions.

(Source: New Atlas)
(Source: New Atlas)

The ET-One is expected to be available in 2019 with price starting from $150,000. Only a limited number of trucks are available in the US for demonstration and you can sign up for a demo here.

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