This YouTuber Used A 150-Ton Hydraulic Press To Check The Strength Of Car Jacks

car jacls crushed by hydraulic press

Car jacks are among the crucial vehicle mechanical tools which come to the rescue of car drivers often. The apparent reason to use a car jack is to change a tire and to do other critical car-related jobs like inspecting brakes, lift a car to get under it safely and do the necessary inspections, etc. Having a good car jack to perform these tasks is of crucial importance. The Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube decided to check the strength of car jacks by experimenting. The description of the channel states, “The first and original Hydraulic Press Channel! Wanna see stuff getting crushed by the hydraulic press? This is the right channel for you. New video and new stuff to crush every week.”

The host of this channel provides entertainment which is undoubtedly appreciated by most people. In this season where he has used his passion for crushing things using a hydraulic press and gaining people’s attention, crushing a car jack is perhaps the hardest of all. The clip’s description states, “Which is the safest jack for lifting your car? Scissor jack, floor jack, bottle jack or jack stand? We tested that with our 150-ton Hydraulic press!” Watch the video below and be mesmerized by the view of a hydraulic press crushing car jacks.

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