This Youtuber Mounts A GoPro Camera Inside A Tire To See How It Works

This is how a Tire looks from within

No one was ever this curious as much as the Youtuber who mounted a GoPro camera inside the tire.

It is an off the wall experiment, and the reason was to find out what does a tire looks like from inside while driving. Most people would find it quite weirdly interesting, and the experiment offers to show us something we have never seen.

Warped Perception is a Youtube channel, and their niche is to record hidden movements that we aren’t able to see. A viewer made the request. Warped Perception thought of it as quite an exciting idea.

We see cars all the time; what we have never seen is how the inside surface of tire reacts to the road bumps and sharp turns. The Youtuber experimented on his Mercedes Sedan, of which the tires were due to be changed.

The essentials for the experiment were a GoPro Hero Camera, USB Cable, LED light, and an external battery. The guy inflates the tire, mounts the equipment on the Rim, and fills in the air at 40psi.

He then takes out his Merc for a drive on a bumpy alley. He makes a few sharp turns as well to see how the tire reacts when we do such stuff. Find the rest in the Youtube video, a completely different perspective of what it looks like!

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