This YouTuber Is Transforming A Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Into A Homebrew Tesla Roadster

Tesla is notorious for not delivering its promises on time. Examples of this would be the Tesla Cybertruck and the next-gen Tesla Roadster. It was said that they would be launched in 2021 and 2020, respectively. It is astonishing that their production is yet to get started.  

David Andreyev, better known by his internet handle Cyber Hooligan, brought forward his version of a vehicle that would be a mix of both. His body shop skills helped him to shape a Toyota Prius into a “Cybertruck Wannabe” recently. This time, he has come up with a Tesla Model 3 into a Cybertruck and Roadster mash-up.

Andreyev decided to work with a wrecked 2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD Long Range from Copart back in July to make a DIY-CyberTruck. However, midway, he changed his mind. He says that he plans to mold the build into the lovechild between a CyberTruck, a next-gen Roadster, and a Lamborghini. The final product is dubbed the “CyberRoadster.”

The Model 3 was originally involved in a driver-side crash, pushing in various components of the unibody, battery pack, axle, steering rack, coolant lines, and various other suspension components. He pulled the drivetrain components and repaired the damage before reinstalling the components and working on the body.

Since then, he has managed to lower the roofline by eight inches and extended the rear C-pillar to look similar to the sharp arching of the Cybertruck. To compensate for the lowered roof, the original seats have been lowered by cutting into some structural components in the floor, and a roll cage has been fabricated to add extra sternness. The Model 3’s original headlights have also been reshaped to resemble the sleek look of the Roadster more closely.

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