This New Electric Bike Can Be Ridden On Water – And It Looks Wicked Fun


A New Zealand-based company, Manta5”, has revealed it’s new hydrofoiling electric bike, named “Hydrofoiler SL3″, which comes with a price range of $9,000 (£7,900). It should be noted that the company is well known for the manufacturing of the world’s first hydrofoil bike, i.e., the Hydrofoiler XE-1, which made its sizzling debut back in 2017. However, this thrilling SL3 bike can also cruise on the water by covering a distance of 12.4 miles per hour (20 kph). Due to its functional capabilities, the bike is also known as “half bike, half plane” and is certainly an incredible scientific feat of its own.

One of the most thrilling features of this bike is its “hydrofoil wings” that make it able to easily fluctuate over water in different directions. It should be noted that these hydrofoil wings have been integrated into the front and back of its body. Another intriguing thing about this bike is the exceptional feature that enables it to travel in “throttle only” mode. In this mode, the rider doesn’t need any initial peddling to implement on the bike, instead, he can just turn it on and enjoy the thrust. Not to mention, the method is also environment-friendly and you can easily get a grip on this mode of driving in just 40 minutes of learning practice, unlike its previous models.

In addition to this, Mark Robotham, who is Manta5’s CEO, said, “Having no hull or pontoon is a welcome trade-off. Just like improving your skills on a land bike, it encourages learning and improving, and ultimately to loving every session. Falling off and getting wet when starting out is all part of the fun. Typically, with the SL3, it takes less than an hour to go from novice to confident. From there, anyone can add fresh and saltwater to their routine.”

Talking about its specifications, engineers have designed it very carefully by integrating those materials that cannot add up to its weight and keeping it light enough for riding on water. Carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum metal have been used in its structural composition. This industry-leading bike has three versions available to date, which include the SL3, SL3+, and SL3 Pro. All of them have improved battery characteristics, having a total riding time of 4.5 hours, which is considered the longest time limit to date by the designers.

To that end, Howard-Willis, who is the Founder and Director of the corporation, said, “I want these bikes to go well beyond just being a leisure product—I want them to be a sports product. If you can race it then it’s competitive, and if it’s competitive, then one day it could be an Olympic sport. ” Similarly, Louis Wilks, who is the Marketing Manager, said, “There’s a hardcore group of super users out there doing some amazing stuff. We’re seeing social clubs and sporting organizations forming, long-range channel crossings, and footage of on-water experiences that should be on the bucket list for any ardent cyclist. “


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