This Youtuber Has Just Built A Flying Hoverbike

colin furze hoverbike

Colin Furze has made a name for himself on Youtube as a person who can make a lot of crazy stuff. He has no degree in mechanical engineering or anything similar but he does have a hands-on experience of hardware ever since he was in mid-teens. Recently, he has gotten over 7 million views on his latest video that involves a homemade hoverbike that he probably built in his backyard. Here is the complete video from the obnoxious video logger:

He has a long-standing interest in being the gadget guy. He created his Youtube channel last year and made hilarious videos of his own whacked-out crazy inventions with himself at the helm. Some of the more insane ones include a rocket-powered bicycle, a thermite launcher that we presented to you a few weeks ago and now this homemade bike. Crazy how he manages to pull it off without getting hurt, isn’t it?

colin furze hoverbike2

colin furze hoverbike3

He also takes cues from his audiences for his new experiments and this time; it was the turn of the hoverbike as many commenters wanted to see him fly. And just like before, Colin didn’t disappoint at all. All it took was some patience and a lot of ingenuity.

He also doesn’t use the standard engineering flow charts and fancy stuff to create his machines. All he needs is an abundance of basic raw materials and the right persons to get advice from. He also doesn’t have any college degree to aid with this crazy ideas. Of course he can’t make it practical with that kind of limited knowledge but for fun purposes, it’s more than enough! Do check out his Youtube channel just to see more of the stuff he has managed to pull off in his videos.

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