This YouTube User Recorded Magnetic Fields In Slow Motion

A YouTube User Recorded Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion

Have you ever wondered how magnetic fields look like in slow motion? Well, if you have, then today is your lucky day. Why so? Because a YouTube user has captured the magnetic fields in slow motion for the satiation of our inner engineer!

Magnetic fields are considered to be the most fascinating things that children are shown from the early days of the school. They are said to be the first step of kids into the world of physics and help them with performing a variety of interesting and fun experiments. The YouTube channel, Magnetic Games, decided to capture the magical effect that watching a magnetic force in action has and created this wonderful video.

A YouTube User Recorded Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion

The video by the YouTube channel, Magnetic Games, has been titled Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion and features a magnetic trick that is quite old but yet never gets old despite the number of times you watch it. The YouTube user actually provides a short breakdown as well for the fascinated viewers about how they can create this project at their home without breaking a sweat.

A YouTube User Recorded Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion

The YouTube user relied on different tools and items that can be easily found at home for creating this particular project. The project demonstrates magnetic fields creating amazing patterns. The items used in the video for this particular magnetic field experiment included four wooden blocks, a recycled plastic cover, magnetite sand, and a Death Magnet along with a Goliath Magnet.

The YouTube user can be seen releasing the magnets onto the magnetite covered bench in the video. By doing so, the user is able to capture the moment when the magnets come in contact with one another and cause intricate and mesmerizing patterns to form, thanks to the magnetic field.

Check out the video by Magnetic Games titled ‘Magnetic Fields in Slow Motion’ below and do let us know what you think of it!

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