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This YouTube User Plays Different Instruments Using Only A Guitar

Air guitaring has taken entirely new meaning with this particular musician making use of an air compressor for creating sounds of a variety of other instruments. The featured video comes from a YouTube user who possesses amazing skills and creativity when it comes to music.

You can witness a spectacular display of musical creativity as this YouTube user shows that a guitar can be used for creating more than just chords strumming. We all have come to know and love the guitar for its variety of musical diversity. However, by simply incorporating an air compressor into the mix along with some ingenuity and musical creativity, this YouTube user has successfully created sounds of a variety of musical instruments. He was even able to combine the two sounds at the same time by making use of his electric and acoustic guitars.

Once you have seen the video (featured at the end), you will appreciate just how accurately the tunes of a tuba, a trumpet, and a clarinet apart from many other instruments can be generated using a guitar. No added help is obtained from pedals, synthesizers, or even special effected. This display of musical genius is pure, clean, and simply a juxtaposition of compressed air and guitars but done in an elegant manner. We will admit though that a sock along with a five euro note did provide some help, but you will learn about their innovative uses when you check out the video.

So, how does it do? Well, you will have to witness the magic for yourselves. The video is enough to inspire your inner musician, and you will feel the inspiration to run to the nearest musical shop and get yourself a guitar at the very least! Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!