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This Japanese Company Makes Custom Samurai Armor For Cats And Dogs

If you have a pet, we are sure they are as loved as the people in your house, and in a lot of cases, even more. You want to spoil your pet with its favorite treat or a new toy once in a while, but that is just not enough. They deserve to get the coolest of costumes and not just on Halloween. While we are at costumes, nothing gets more original than a Japanese samurai armor, or does it?

Samurai Age, A Japanese company is well known for their handmade samurai helmet and armors but until now, they were available only for humans. The company recently entered into pet business and their cat and dog armor are one of the best things you will ever find. The armor is not meant to protect your pet from the cold but they sure will liven up the warrior in them, if it wasn’t already.

Samurai Age offers a standard armor size but you can always get one custom make and they will even fashion the armor as per the ones worn by legendary Japanese samurai. The red one in the picture below was created after the armor of Sengoku hero Sanada Yukimura. If you do not have a rebellious pet, you might want to order the Kabuto helmet too.

Prices for the cool armor start at 4,040 yen ($125) and go as high as 16,416 yen ($146) and you can place your order at the website. Considering the fashionable armor is handmade, the prices sound reasonable as well.

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