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Footage Of This Sketchy Triple Tow Has Gone Viral – Turns Out Its Actually Legal

Let’s review towing fundamentals after watching the highly fascinating video that has recently gone viral. Professional truck drivers may refer to pulling two trailers as “doubles.” As there are three units total, this is referred to as triple towing in the RV industry. On the other hand, triple towing involves using a primary tow vehicle to connect three units.

The video is from brettbarloww’s TikTok account. Based on the type of tow vehicle and a mention of M1 in the video description, we believe this road train was sighted somewhere along the M1 motorway in the United Kingdom. TireMeetsRoad, which has its report on this quadruple tow and some information on whether it’s even legal, shares that assumption.

Leaving aside the fact that this appears to be quite sketchy – there’s a small whip action in the convoy that’s rather unsettling. However, the biggest controversy that arose from the footage is legality. It’s undoubtedly the most discussed topic in the video comments.

TireMeetsRoad highlights a portion of UK law called Showman’s vehicles, allowing an unlimited number of trailers to be pulled. But, of course, the number doesn’t matter as long as the trailers aren’t freight carriers and have some living area inside.

However, the duration is significant. The entire length of a showman’s vehicle is limited to 22 meters (72 feet) in the UK. If this particular arrangement isn’t beyond that line, it’s perilously close. That includes the tow vehicle.

The Pinecreek triple-axle travel trailer is approximately 35 feet long, and towing speeds on roads are restricted to 40 mph beyond that. This quadruple rig is spotted traveling at a high rate of speed in the fast lane of the M1, yet we have no idea how fast it is going.

Only a few states in the United States allowed RVs to tow triple. We hope the driver made it there without incident, but we wouldn’t want to do such a towing action at any time.

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