This WWII-Era US Military Train Has Been Converted Into An Apartment

You are looking at a former military train car that was used during World War II and the Cold War. It is more than 70 years old and has been installed on rural land located at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in the Maryville, Tennessee. What makes it stand out from other military train cars? The fact that it has been renovated into a guest house, named Platform 1346, and is readily available for rent on Airbnb.

The Platform 1346 was created back in 1942 and proudly served as a kitchen car for the US army cooks while the train carried troops throughout the country for the war effort. Once World War II was over, the wagon was mothballed and was then reinstated into service during the Cold War for transporting communication gear and computers.

The Platform 1346 eventually retired in 1998. It remained without any purpose for quite some time until it was bought in a military-auction by a Lieutenant Colonel. The said Lieutenant Colonel then installed it on his property. He had plans for the train car, but sadly his marriage ended in divorce. That led this home and the train car getting passed to the current owners.

The new owners decided to transform the train into guest accommodation and named it Platform 1346. The owners spent eight months in stripping the wagon out and procuring the new furniture and installed wiring and plumbing. The end result is amazing, and the décor is exceptional.

The Platform 1346 still features the military green and can be accessed by steps that have been built in the front and back entrances. It also features a small deck area outside. The interior is comprised mostly of large open living space along with a breakfast bar and a well-stocked kitchen. It also has a nearby living room that houses a sofa bed and small office nook with a drop-down desk. The office nook also has a Murphy-style bed that transforms the office nook into a bedroom. At the far end of the Platform 1346, there is a bathroom featuring a shower, sink, and a toilet that has a barn-style sliding door allowing or access.

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