Russia Has Launched An Armored Train To Take Part In The Invasion Of Ukraine

The Russian army, which has lost numerous weaponry in the Ukraine conflict, has deployed an armored train. According to sources, armed with dangerous weaponry, this train is actively fighting in Ukraine invasion.

Social media videos showed the train departing from a yard in Russian-controlled Crimea and arriving in Ukraine’s Melitopol city. It is unclear when this video was filmed, but it bears a ‘Z’ mark, which he used on every weapon he used throughout the Ukraine war.

This train includes two diesel engines and eight distinct types of carriages. Behind the train is a ZU-23 twin-barrel automatic cannon to shoot down low-flying aircraft and targets in the air.

It’s uncertain how many of these trains Russia has. Before the soviet union era, at least four trains were utilized by Russia in the battles in Chechnya and Georgia. It is still unknown why Russia deployed this train in wartime.

Trains are widely utilized to move soldiers, tanks, and other vehicles in Russia. Previously, Russia conducted several drills in which the Russian army transported guns and other equipment via rail. 

US says Russia is preparing pretext to invade Ukraine | Arab News PK

Russia has launched this train when its army is grappling with the issue of large-scale transportation of military equipment. Using drones, the Ukrainian military is aggressively attacking Russia’s supply system. This is why the Russian army, which launched attacks on February 24, has yet to reach the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Earlier, a Turkish drone attacked a Russian train carrying oil near the border.

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