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China Is Now Home To The Longest Skywalk In The World

The Grand Canyon Skywalk has been the longest glass skywalk in the world since it was opened in 2007. But, this record has been snatched from the USA (among many other things) by China and now it has the boasting rights. The Chinese skywalk is a record 26.64m long and offers a breathtaking view of the rocks below in the Loggang National Geological Park, Chongqing, China.

Skywalks are an innovative way of attracting tourists and presenting them with a hair raising experience. They are cantilever beams that are suspended from one end only, thus allowing them to have no pillars or supporting suspensions. It results in an unobstructed view from the glass pavement below. The effect of sky walking is so real that height phobics simply can’t walk there. It was built by the Chinese government to attract more tourists to the national park.  The cost of the project is estimated to be around 5.6 million $.

It is possible that this wasn’t built as direct competition for the American counterpart as these terror-inducing architectural masterclasses are part of a rising trend in China. The Tianmenshan Skywalk was built in Zhangjiajie before this. It wasn’t a cantilever beam; rather it was a swerving sidewalk throughout the mountain side. It is a different but altogether amazing experience as well.

The grand canyon skywalk held the title of longest skywalk till now. The Chinese one beats its length by more than 5 meters. However, the height at which the Grand Canyon walk offers view still stands higher at 4000+ feet, while the Chinese lever bridge offers a paltry 2300 feet. So, if you want to challenge another friend for a dare, the Grand Canyon showpiece still stands out.