Recently Constructed Glass Bridge In China Cracks Only A Few Days After Opening

Chinese skywalk bridge cracks down

So, it seems the Made-in-China joke is back to haunt the Chinese government again as the new skywalk suspension bridge, the one-of-a-kind experience suffered cracked panes only a few weeks after inauguration. Tourists had flocked to both Sky bridges in the country from all over China and the world just to have the hair-raising experience. But, the poor guys got more than what they had bargained for as the suspension-based skywalk in Henan province was bustling with people when the material of several glass panels failed. The result was a crack in such a dangerous location!

Chinese skywalk bridge cracks down2

The sky bridge is the only suspension-based glass bridge, and it is situated at a height of more than 1,000 meters above the sea level, so it is quite an experience. Several Weibo users were perplexed after they were walking along the bridge when they heard an ominous cracking noise from below and at once, their worst fears were confirmed. The glass had started to crack, and the people around started screaming and running for the end of the bridge while shouting “It really cracked. It really cracked!!”. It is definitely the worst PR issue that could have happened to an architectural piece like this one. I am sure that many people won’t be looking forward to this or any other skywalk bridge throughout China at least for some time in fear of substandard construction material.

Park officials as expected, on the other hand, weren’t worried and said that the crack happened due to a prank from one of the visitors who used a sharp object to test the limits of the glass and it just cracked due to it and didn’t fall. There are three layers of protective glass beneath, and the crack had only affected one of them, so there was no threat to anybody’s safety. However, the park was immediately closed and will remain so until all safety concerns have been addressed.

So, let the Made-in-China trolls roll out in 3….2….1….


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