This WW2 Bunker Is Now An In-Demand Vacation Home

A World War II bunker in southern England has been transformed into a sought-after vacation home by Corstorphine & Wright in association with engineers from Symmetrys. The Transmitter Bunker was initially constructed in 1941 as a component of the Chain Home radar system, the first early warning radar network in the world. During World War II, it served to defend Britain from Luftwaffe assaults. The bunker was decommissioned in 1956 after serving its purpose and has since been cleverly refurbished as a distinctive summer getaway.

The architectural challenges faced by Corstorphine & Wright were substantial, given the absence of standardized designs for such a structure. Architect Jonny Plant described the difficulties encountered during the project, including the need to retain the original internal concrete while insulating and waterproofing the building. The solution involved exposing the bunker structure, insulating and waterproofing it from the outside, and then restoring the earth and replanting around it. The design also incorporated a large blast opening on the south side, paying homage to the bunker’s historical context.

The renovated vacation property now features a cozy living area that is 645 square feet (60 square meters) in size. It has a dining area, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a wood-burning stove. Guests who have stayed in the bunker have raved about its distinctive atmosphere and breathtaking vistas. Given his love of military and naval history, one renter, Catherine, expressed her joy at surprising her husband with a stay in the renovated bunker. They took pleasure in the peace and quiet of the area, spending time in the garden watching wildlife and taking in the spectacular views of the land and sea.

The vacation home has gained considerable popularity, with bookings stretching well into October 2023. Renters are drawn to its secluded and nostalgic atmosphere, and the positive reviews reflect the attention to detail in its conversion. The residence, listed on Sykes Holiday Cottages, commands a price of 702 GBP ($1,215) for a two-night stay.

Corstorphine & Wright, along with Symmetrys, have successfully breathed new life into a structure with a rich historical background. By repurposing the Transmitter Bunker, they have created a vacation home that offers a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in history while enjoying modern comforts.

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