These Teenage Brothers Have Launched Model Boats To Circumnavigate Antarctica

In a remarkable feat that may be a world first, two teenage brothers have embarked on an extraordinary adventure to replicate the 1839 Ross scientific expedition, where the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror discovered the Ross ice shelf. Known as Project Erebus, this daring endeavor is being undertaken by Ollie and Harry, with their parents, MacNeill Ferguson and Vicki, fully supporting their self-motivated journey.

At present, the miniature replicas of the historic ships, Erebus and Terror, have traveled approximately 77 kilometers. Interested individuals can track their progress using this link. The brothers were captivated by the recent discovery of the wrecks of both ships in Canada’s Arctic. Subsequently, they were inspired to construct one-meter-long replicas using traditional materials, intending to replicate the ships’ circumnavigation of Antarctica.

James Clark Ross oversaw the first Ross expedition, which traveled from 1839 to 1843, and was in charge of two remarkably durable warships. The lads’ goal is to travel in the same direction as the original ships, idling in the Southern Ocean and following the circumpolar current that rings the Antarctic continent. Over 20,000 kilometers and up to two years are needed to finish this amazing trek.

The brothers are trying to rebuild the ships as accurately as they can, in addition to following the ships’ course in reverse. Strength, buoyancy, and durability are ensured in large part by design and materials.

Building the miniature boats has been a formidable challenge. In addition to constructing the replicas, the boys have integrated state-of-the-art trackers and data-collecting sensors into the vessels. They face numerous hurdles such as plastic reduction, marine growth, battery life, temperature fluctuations, ice accumulation, pack ice compression, corrosion, and wind drift, as highlighted on their website. This will mark their third maritime adventure, with their previous achievements including setting a world record for the most traveled toy ship over 6,000 kilometers across the Atlantic and a 15,000-kilometer journey through the Caribbean.

It is anticipated that the brothers’ most recent excursion will surpass their earlier successes. They aim to enter the Guinness World Records and accomplish the remarkable accomplishment of circumnavigating Antarctica. As these youthful explorers push the bounds of what is feasible and motivate others with their unflappable sense of adventure, the world watches in admiration.

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