This Woman Is Going Viral For Turning Leather Sofas Into Handbags

Recycling protects the environment and provides an opportunity to be creative and turn discarded materials into something useful and beautiful. Lisa Crick is an inspiring example of how a bit of creativity and resourcefulness can turn waste into something valuable.

Lisa Crick’s journey towards creating unique bags and aprons started in 2018 when she was changing curtains in her home. Her husband asked her what she was going to do with the leftover fabric, and she decided to make luggage.

However, after the attempt went wrong, she tried making a handbag instead. It was a challenge, but after finding inspiration and ideas on Pinterest, she created a beautiful bag. Her shop, NewBaginnings, was born.

Crick began making connections with thrift shops to obtain ripped clothes that couldn’t be sold, giving her a wealth of materials to work with. But the biggest boost to her creativity happened during the pandemic when she collected samples of suedes and leathers from a closing factory.

With the new materials, she found herself more confident and eager to take on projects with even more varied materials. As more people organized their homes during lockdown, Crick gathered more materials to work with.

Crick’s story serves as an excellent example of what a bit of imagination can do for items once destined for the landfill. Her passion for recycling and creating something new from old materials is inspiring. On her website, she confesses that she was self-taught and couldn’t read patterns, proving that anyone can learn to create something beautiful with some determination and creativity.

Lisa Crick’s journey towards creating unique bags and aprons shows that with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, waste can be transformed into something valuable and beautiful. Her story inspires us to think creatively about recycling and to explore the possibilities of reusing materials in new ways.

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