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This Village In USA Is Made Completely Out Of Tiny Homes

Most of us are fascinated by the tiny model trailer homes that look so cute from a distance and wonder how it would be like to live in them. You can’t just buy one just because of this curiosity, then what do you do experience it out for yourself? The answer lies in Portland, Oregon where a village of sorts made entirely with these small homes has been constructed so that you can visit and try things out for yourself.

Situated on the Mt. Hood RV Park where you can also indulge in on-site activities like swimming, trekking, biking, billiards and spa, the small dwelling consists of five houses in all and vary in covered area from 175-260 square feet. The smallest of them houses three people and is a complete house with kitchen and bathroom. The largest one can accommodate five people and has a similar outlook like the first one. 

All of these tiny homes are immaculately designed and furnished with Television, WiFi and heating available as well. They can also be painted in different colours. However, if you want to remain in the woods elsewhere, you may not have all of these services! The interior of the homes need a bit of work and will open by May 27th this year. But, all of this won’t come cheap as an average rent of this tiny abode is to be around $129 for the night that may rise to $159. It all depends on the booking days as well since they will come down in non-holiday parts of the year.