Couple Built A House For Themselves On Top Of A Movable Trailer For 30,000$

house on a trailer

Tiny houses may not essentially be anyone’s dream in particular, but the tiny house trend is beginning to grow on people, in a good way. 31 year old Alek Lisefski shows the world, how to build your dream house by cutting down in size and cost, instead of going deep into debt to afford a huge one.

Tiny Home Project 13 Tiny Home Project 12

Web Designer, Lisefski was inspired into adopting a much simpler and sustainable lifestyle, which led him into building a tiny house for himself, his girlfriend Anjali, and Anya, their dog. The house cost him $30,000 including the money spent on the trailer, tools, supplies, and appliances and was built on an 8-by-12-foot flatbed trailer to make the house more mobile.

Tiny Home Project 11 Tiny Home Project 10When he first started this project, Lisefski justified his new lifestyle choice on his blog by telling the world that “Without room to hoard things and hide away from the world, I’ll be forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with my community. This will foster better health and healthy relationships. With no more rent to pay, I’ll save money, allowing for a less hectic work life and more time and funds for health, leisure, and travel.”

The Tiny Project, as Lisefski and his followers on his blog like to call it, took him about a year to complete out of which, seven months were spent on construction, working on the house every night and weekend.

Tiny Home Project 9 Tiny Home Project 7The inconvenient minimum area requirements most municipalities generally have for permanent structures, is definitely not something Lisefski would have to worry about, considering the mobility of the house. Since it is technically considered a house/vehicle, the maximum height it could have was 13.5 feet while the maximum width requirement was 8.5 feet.

Tiny Home Project 6 Tiny Home Project 5The Tiny Project was constructed by a one man labor force, with frequent advice and online trouble-shooting problems by Lisefski. His Tiny Project Blog was all the help he needed for that.

Tiny Home Project 4 Tiny Home Project 3With the house finally completed, the couple now lives in their new home parked in the backyard of a home in Sebastopol, Calif. The city’s water supply is accessible this way and for minor payments, they do a little yard work. As for Anya, they built a sort of fence around their tiny home to let her play outside.

Tiny Home ProjectTiny Home Project 2After such a huge success of Lisefski’s Project, he shared every bit of the details of the house in the form of a downloadable e-book available on The Tiny Project Website. For all those interested in building their own tiny mobile house, this book encompasses the step by step details of the entire construction process, the trailer details and even how he built the walls and installed the windows in them. Incredible, isn’t it?


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